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Principal's Desk

Principal's Desk

Dr. Preet Mohinder Pal Singh
A special message For the students I welcome all of you young promising. And your parents who are concerned about and are aspirants to a bright future to this august institution.      Our college is houour bound to provide you with all forms of opportunities that would put the stamp of approval on your progressive future.      I appeal to you to make the most of these opportunities for a resplendent tomorrow.      The society today and its multi- faceted provisions can be quite confusing and perplexing. To keep abreast and get ahead of this competitive age it is necessary for each one of us to prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead of us. The fast paced changes occurring in the world today have telescoped the entire would into a global village. To succeed in this new environment we have to become world class citizens. Keeping this in mind our college is initiating the latest courses for imparting knowledge to our students as well with the help of the most talented , knowledgeable and expert faculty.      You are requested to participate in all our programmes and activities in increasing numbers and give your entire cooperation to this institution to the best of your capacity.      We look forward to you contribution in great numbers. With best wishes, Dr. Preet Mahinder Pal Singh