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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

B.A.M Khalsa College,Garhshankar was established in 1969 in the sacred memory of Babbar Akalis, the valiant freedom fighters who had an elevated aim and a vision before them.The mission of the institute is to: - Provide quality education, teaching and capacity building through multimode pedagogy drawn from diverse sources. - Provide excellent learning environment and develop right competencies and attitudes in students to enable them to realize their full potential and contribute to nation building.. - Become a vibrant knowledge Centre and a Centre of Excellence in teaching, research and extension activities. - Meet the challenges of the knowledge era and to keep with the pace of knowledge explosion in higher education. The College is committed to inculcate and sustain higher standards of quality in teaching, research, extension andgovernance catering to the regional, national and global needs. - Maintain the highest possible standards in academics by providing competent faculty, ultra-modern infrastructural facilities and the most conducive learning environment. - Develop a scientific temper, and a performance culture of pro-active decision-making. - Strategize to become an epicenter of knowledge, culture, skills and technologies. - Value originality and vision, encourage initiative and promote creativity and to promote creativity and value originality.