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Procedure for the Admission:

1. Every student desirous of seeking admission to this college must procure a copy of College Prospectus and admission form from the College office.

2. Admission shall be given to a student after his/her application form along with (i) Photo copies of Detailed Marks Card of the lower examination (ii) Category Certificate issued by the competent authority (such as S.C./B.C.) and Punjab Domicile certificate (iii) Character certificate, are scrutinized and recommended by the admission committee and faculty incharges. Students seeking admission shall have to appear in person along with his/her parent or guardian before the Principal. The decision of the Principal regarding approval/refusal of admission shall be final and binding on all concerned. If a student fails to deposit his/her dues immediately after his/her approval of admission, admission shall be treated as cancelled notwithstanding any provision contained in the college prospectus. Documents required at the time of Admission: 1. Matriculation Certificate for verification of Date of Birth. 2. Character Certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended (in case of new student)

3. Attested copies of Certificates/Detailed Marks Card /Provisional Certificate of previous exam passed.

4. Migration Certificate from the university, if a candidate is migrating from another university last attended.

5. Copy of Registration card (for those who are already registered)

6. Two copies of the latest passport size photographs to be pasted firmly at the place provided for in the admission form and identity-cum-library card.

7. Equivalent/ Eligibility certificate in case of a student who wishes to join course in the college on the basis of qualification obtained by him/ her from University/ Board other than Panjab University/ P.S.E.B. Mohali.

8. Category Certificate viz. SC/ST/BC/Blind/Physically Handicapped.


1. If a student has a gap period of one year or more in studies, he/she shall have to furnish an affidavit duly attested by the 1st class Magistrate as a proof of his/her activities during the gap period. Conclusive proof would be required for condoning the gap years.

2. A candidate joining the college for the first time must submit a character certificate from the head of the Institution last attended.

3. Those students who appeared in their examination from this college & their results are R.L. or C.S. will be admitted provisionally to the same/next higher class for a period of three months on payment of all dues and tuition fee on due dates of admission. As and when the result is declared by the university, such students should approach the college authorities for regularization of their admission. If a student fails to get the admission regularized within the specified period, the admission shall stand cancelled automatically and no refund of dues will be allowed.

4. Those students who have passed their previous examination from University/Board other than those of Panjab University will be admitted at their own risk and responsibility, subject to the approval by Panjab University.

5. In case of migration from another University, the student must submit the Migration Certificate within one month from the date of admission.

6. A student failing in all subjects or twice in the same class shall not be admitted.

7. Failed students of other Institutions will not be admitted to any class.

8. A candidate who has been expelled or rusticated from anywhere shall not be admitted to the college.

9. Any candidate seeking admission on wrong information in respect of age, subjects or percentage of marks, his/her admission shall be cancelled at any time when it comes to the notice of the university/college and disciplinary action will be taken against the erring candidate.

10. All admission to college shall be strictly provisional and subject to the rules/regulations of Panjab University, Chandigarh which is the final authority to determine the eligibility of each student. The college shall not be responsible for the cancellation of the admission/candidature of any student admitted to the college and fee will not be refunded.

11. Only students of Panjab University/P.S.E.B. Mohali can seek admission within ten days of declaration of their results and that too depends upon the availability of seats.

12. Notwithstanding anything concerned with the foregoing rules, a student can be refused admission if his/her conduct during the previous year in the college has been unsatisfactory.

13. The Principal reserves the right to refuse/terminate any admission without assigning any reason.


1. A student of any other University who has been placed in compartment in 1st Year/2nd Year of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./BCA Course shall not be allowed to join the 2nd Year/3rd Year Course of Panjab University.

2. A candidate who has been placed in compartment in the +2 examination conducted by a Board/Body/Council/University in India shall be eligible to seek admission to the 1st Semester of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./BCA Course, provided he/she fulfills the following conditions : i) He/she should have been placed in compartment in one subject only; ii) He/she should have obtained at least 20% marks in the subject in which he/she has been placed in compartment; and iii) He/she should have obtained the requisite percentage of marks in the aggregate of the examination (including the marks obtained by him/her in the subject of compartment, Theory and Practical/s taken together) as laid down in the relevant regulations. iv) he/she should have cleared the compartment before the declaration of the first year result. If he/she could not submit the relevant papers/ documents on the declaration of the result, then his/ her admission will be automatically cancelled.

3. The candidate who is admitted in 1st/3rd/5th semester will be allowed to be promoted to 2nd/ 4th/ 6th semester, respectively. However, for promotion from 2nd to 3rd or 4th to 5th semester, the candidate will have to clear 50% of the total papers till that semester. It is further clarified that for calculating 50% fraction, like 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 will be considered as 3, 4 or 5, respectively. 


1. A student joining B.A./B.Sc./B.Com/BCA 1st Semester may apply for change of subject/medium of instruction/option/faculty within one month of the commencement of the session or within one month from the date of joining whichever is later as per University rules subject to the availability of seat and at his/her own risk regarding shortage of lectures. 2. Application for change of subject must be made on prescribed form available with the college office.


1. The lectures shall be counted from the date of the first lecture delivered. 2. Even if all students fail to turn up in the theory class/ practical, they shall be marked absent. This lecture shall also be counted towards the total number of lectures delivered. 3. Lecture shortage, if any, shall not be condoned. RULES FOR


1. Leave must be got sanctioned personally or by the guardians/parents, in special cases, before it is availed of. 2. Application for leave must be countersigned by the parents or guardians of the applicant. In case of illness, the application should be accompanied by the medical certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

CONCESSIONAL BUS PASSES Students who require concessional bus passes are advised to contact the office superintendent. MID-SEMESTER TEST To prepare the students for university examinations, the College conducts a mid-semester test in each semester in the months of October and March during the academic session. Monthly class test may be conducted on any day at the discretion of class teacher.


1. It is compulsory for students to appear in mid-semester test as well as class tests.

2. Exemption from the mid-semester / class tests on account of serious illness or any cogent reason is to be secured from the Principal before the commencement of such examination/ class test. Application seeking permission for exemption should be supported by medical certificate/ affidavit duly signed by a competent authority bearing the signatures of parent/ guardian. No application will be entertained after the examination is over.

3. Absence from an examination for whatever reason means nil result and will invite heavy penalty. It shall also render the student ineligible for taking the University examination.

4. The Principal may at his discretion hold a special test for those who fail to fulfil conditions prescribed by the University to take the University examination.


                                        A student shall be eligible to appear in the University examination only if he/she has attended the requisite number of lectures/ practicals delivered to his/ her class in each subject offered by him/ her and obtained the required percentage of marks in the mid-semester tests conducted by the college as per University norms.

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